The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
— Loa Tzu

Let me start by acknowledging that considering therapy is a HUGE step. Admitting that your life is not what you envisioned is hard and asking for help can feel even harder. Entering into a therapeutic relationship for the first time or even tenth time can feel scary. My intention is to help guide you into a safe and sacred exchange that validates, nurtures, honors and cultivates your highest self. Trauma and life transitions can take a toll on your overall sense of health and well-being. Managing all of your roles; professional, mother, wife, partner, daughter and friend can feel exhausting. Mothering can kick up another layer of emotional content and residual pain from your childhood.  Feeling overwhelmed should not become the norm. You deserve more.

I invite you to consider what the other side of your grief would look like. What would it feel like to be unburdened by guilt, shame, anger, sadness or disconnection?

I invite you imagine being a woman who looks in the mirror and smiles because you value ALL of you, even the parts a little less ‚Äúrefined".  Imagine being your own best friend. I want this for you. I want this for all women. I invite you to consider a day that you voice your opinion, even when you are unsure. Imagine sharing your truth because it belongs to you and each time you do, it liberates you and others from the shackles of perfectionism and unworthiness. Imagine a day when every thought, decision and action that you experience is consciously cultivated to empower and embody your unique gifts. Okay, maybe not every, but you get what I mean, right!? I want that for you!

When you begin sessions with me, you can expect an assessment of your current level self-compassion and your self-care practices. Of course I will ask lots of questions and give you plenty of space to share what is most pressing on your heart. Together we will create your plan of restoration and healing. The plan that we create is the road map to your liberation. I am honored to usher you into a more authentic, heart-centered way of being.

Whatever feels right for you; do that!

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